if you have ever ejaculated prematurely during sex it can be easy to let the thoughts consume your mind many men will begin to think along lines.

Such as, what if I ejaculate fast again what if she thinks I’m too small what if I can’t last long enough. what if she doesn’t Climax and has an orgasm? what if she thinks I’m a wimp and doesn’t want to see me again? what if I can’t perform? what if I lose my erection? will I not embarrass myself again?

The fact is when you worry much about your immature ejaculation it eventually ends up happening this often makes us cum too soon, even if you don’t cum early you won’t be able to enjoy sex with her.

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When you are worried and your girl can feel it. let me tell you this sex with women is all about emotions. so if you cum to ignite in a woman powerful sexual emotions which of course you won’t be able to do. if you are worried or nervous emotions that will make her go crazy at every single bit of your touch, then you are at the risk of not being able to make her cum over orgasm and ultimately cause yourself to cum not only early but very fast.

Instead of worrying about some sort of condition that would actually leave too early ejaculation focus on her. I can say that a thousand times if that is what will make you overcome premature ejaculation and when I say her I mean her whole body focus on the beauty. that is on front or top of you instead of the sensation on your penis.

Make sure to kiss and caress and admire every single part of her body gently and softly. Kiss caress feel and admire her neck breast ass stomach and any other parts of her body.

women love men who admire their bodies because they believe this kind of men is the ones meeting their emotional needs, many guys just squeeze a girl’s breast without any emotions admiring a woman’s body.

during sex is a way to set her in the right emotions with you and ultimately remove is any form of worry from your head this also makes you be in charge the moment ago gets naked in front of you.

she already surrenders all her body to you most men don’t know how important it is to control a woman during sex. You’ve got to develop a boss mentality not a partner’s mentality when having sex with a woman.

women love men who are always in control during sex a woman wants to be controlled during sex. I do not know of any other period Apart from having sex with a man when a woman loves to be directed. so instead of worrying take off the position she has given to you and give her the best sex she’s ever had.

I so much believe in you. You can have a wonderful relationship. You can save your marriage from break up. You deserve a happy life you are not a loser. You want not a failure. You are not “a 2-minute man”.

You can last as long as you want in bed. Yes, you can! That is who you are!

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