Herbal treatment for  Erectile Dysfunction and penis Enlargement

লিঙ্গ বড় এবং মোটা করার ডিভাইস
লিঙ্গ বড় এবং মোটা করার ডিভাইস

Very powerful medicine for penis enlargement and sex health and Penis Enlargement.

Are you looking for herbal sex treatment in Dhaka Bangladesh, we are selling best quality imported herbal medicine. This herbal medicine works for both erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement. But quality sex medicine, not some garbage that can destroy your heart and kidney. Do feel uncomfortable with your penis size or erection. But herbal medicine in Dhaka that has no side effect.


· Proprietary – Formulated on the basis of ancient secret Chinese formula of over 10 herbs for erectile dysfunction /male enhancement.
· All natural, Effective and Safe; Fast Acting,
· Attain harder, stronger and more frequent erections,
· Increase sexual libido,
· Decrease premature ejaculation;
· Improvement of kidney’s function and prostate health,
· Anti-fatigue,
· Enhancement of Immune system

How it works:

This formula improves blood circulation in penile tissues and modulates muscular, neuromuscular and central nervous system functions, and these are keys for the proper erection and prostate health. It is natural and holistic. It’s clinically tested, safe and effective and has been used by Chinese for over 1,500 years.

Ingredients of the formula for Male Enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction

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